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Serial multidisciplinary creative consultant and business coach. 

14 years developing entrepreneurs.

In every venture, my compass is set to unparalleled excellence.

My odyssey in the realm of creativity and entrepreneurship began 14 years ago, not just to carve a path for myself but to illuminate the way for others. This journey has been more than a career; it's been a calling to unlock the boundless potential within each visionary I encounter.

From the spark of launching first-time authors to the strategic development of innovative products and foundational business principles, my path has been rich with collaboration and inspiration.


Notable highlights include orchestrating a passion project for a Christian Magazine, spotlighting luminaries like Tina Campbell, Richard Smallwood, Todd Dulaney and Kierra Sheard-Kelly. To play a pivotal role in the Lola Tomorrow and TMRWLIVE 2021 event graced by visionaries such as Kris Jenner and Sarah Jakes-Roberts.

Now, in this season, my mission is to transcend service—to foster the genesis of million-dollar ideas. At 624 Visionaries, we stand on the precipice of transformation, ready to guide those entrepreneurs who hear the call for a monumental leap. Our dedication is to mold the shape of futures unrevealed, empowering and inspiring each client to unlock their full potential and etch their mark on the world.

Our commitment at 624 Visionaries is unwavering: to elevate entrepreneurs and business leaders through creative consulting and coaching that not only drives innovation but sews the seeds of remarkable success. We cultivate a sanctuary for visionary thinkers—those ready to stride through the dynamic landscape of business with knowledge, skill, and unparalleled strategy.

Through personalized guidance, deep dives into unique challenges, and aspirations, we journey with our clients towards sustainable triumph. Our collective expertise in strategy, marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship serves as the beacon guiding our clients towards actionable insights and robust solutions.

At the heart of 624 Visionaries is the belief in the transformative power of every individual we partner with. We pledge to nurture this growth, fuel innovation, and elevate each visionary to new echelons of achievement. Here, bold ideas bloom into thriving ventures, and dreams crystallize into tangible, MILLION-DOLLAR REALITIES.

Embark on this journey with 624 Visionaries, and you'll gain more than services—you'll unlock a partnership characterized by:

  • Tailored High-Touch Services

  • Exclusive, Customized Solutions for Your Unique Vision

  • A Track Record of Proven Results

  • Unwavering Personalized Support and Attention

  • A Commitment to Elevated Creative Thinking and Strategic Innovation

  • Continuous Support to Navigate Every Step of Your Path


Together, let's pave the way to a future where your vision knows no bounds, and your success story becomes a beacon for generations of visionaries to come."

Do You Have A Millionare-Dollar Idea?

See You Soon Millionaire!

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